Most of the onions ready to be harvested – falling over and stems getting soft.   So they don’t rot, pulled, and for a few weeks will dry and ‘cure’ in the greenhouse.

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- in our new home now. with land. and seeing what works and what doesn't and slowly adding organic matter to the soil. ---- This is the forum for my attempt to grow organic local food, that is harvested specifically because you want it. I let you know what i have, you tell me what you want and what day / time slot you'd like it delivered, and i bring it to you. It won't wait around all day, or overnight, and you can get the veggies when you want them, and pick out what you want from the various crops i'll be growing.

One thought on “onions

  1. Dear Christy,
    All of the veggies are excellent!. Nicholas loves the ghost cucumbers and the baby lettuce. My favorites are the scallions and leeks. They are so flavorful. Leek and potatoe soup yummy. I also use scallions stir fried in my scrambled eggs. The lettice combinations suit me just fine. I dont care for the pepper combination – but my sister who likes cayanne pepper on her potatoe chips thinks its wonderful.
    PS WE HAVE TOMATOES ! Thank you for the plants. I wish you could see how thrilled Nicholas was picking his first home grown tomatoes.
    You may have a future worker in a few years.
    Thank you for help my family eat better and be well!
    What a great gift!

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