hi.  latest form is up for what is available this week in seedlings.   hope you are all doing well !   christy

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hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, although i know most of you worked  almost, if not each day of it  .    ;/

most of the pepper plants aren’t that large yet, but roots seem to have established and a few of you have been asking when they will be ready, so gong ahead and putting them out.     iko iko   has grown the most of the sweet peppers if you are looking for a larger plant.

cheers.  christy




Latest seedlings ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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may 19 ,  latest seedlings available The latest sets of seedlings are ready.  more sweet peppers and hot peppers, along with dill, cilantro and milkweed will be available in another week or so.    click here             to go to form … Continue reading


new starts –

bear with me as i restart this website    some links and text, headers, still relating to farming back in maryland .     but have gotten the seedling form up and running .   so please take some plants!!!!!    thanks.   christy

Seedlings are ready to go out the door !       Please  click here to go to form    let me or tim know if you have any questions 🙂     more seedlings , especially a lot of hot peppers and sweet peppers should be ready in another week or two.


well, we have the tiniest patch of land and greenhouse going.   seedlings available  starting in a couple of weeks.


for the latest form


hello all!  i’ll post again sooner to the next harvest date of feb 12th, but hoping to have small amounts of small baby spinach to add to the list.  stay warm !  christy


February…………… are some photos of the  field  at the farm and how plants are doing under plastic.    the baby red pac choi and cilantro are doing very well, and there are still some other greens and carrots that will be available for harvest.   see the newest request form for details.   hope you are all well and staying warm.   christy


january 2013

hope everyones new year is starting out well!

i have limited  greens and some carrots and herbs available.    pick what you would like and i will confirm back to you what i can harvest in case a lot of people suddenly ask for the same thing.  in general, you have a good chance of getting what you ask for.   : )    the plastic covers are working nicely now that i have dug them in a bit.   keep warm !



let the wind blow

-learning so much from the winds and storms.  the cold is not so much to be of issue tis the wind.     hope you are all staying cozy and warm.  cheers.    christy


into winter

various greens and the regular herbs will be available as i can grow them through the season.   i will not be sending posts or emails as much as during the growing season, but please feel free to check in and request harvest through the request form.  i will be keeping that updated each week.    we’ll see how this winter goes!  i’m really happy and interested to see how this works out and whether to do more of it next year.   cheers all!  christy