June 5th 2012

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Wonderful rain and cloudy skies have kept the ground moist.  I have been planting bush and dry beans and some peanuts along with sesame seeds and getting more put in the buffer area including miniature pumpkins.

The deer are occasionally raiding the lettuce and sugar peas, but so far haven’t been too bad.    And there is a bunny i am calling emily in the fenced in section, but she hasn’t really been munching on anything that i can see.  maybe like last year with the other bunny she likes all of the clover in there.   thinking i need to plant some lettuce near her little burrow.   hopefully i’ll be able to get a photo one of these days.          cheers all !

Published by sagesmicrofarm - at the burrow

- in our new home now. with land. and seeing what works and what doesn't and slowly adding organic matter to the soil. ---- This is the forum for my attempt to grow organic local food, that is harvested specifically because you want it. I let you know what i have, you tell me what you want and what day / time slot you'd like it delivered, and i bring it to you. It won't wait around all day, or overnight, and you can get the veggies when you want them, and pick out what you want from the various crops i'll be growing.

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