update – last week of august

update – last week of august Hello all.   Quite a couple of weeks.    The spraying in the field next door last week  appears to have stayed outside of my inner boundary.    Deer hunting has been started at the farm this last week.   there are several growers and the landowner that have the  say in whatContinue reading “update – last week of august”

harvest list up for this week – august 6th

harvest list up for this week – august 6th hello all .   there are still lots of potatoes and lots of basil.   i added a box for a large order of basil if you wanted to use it for making a batch of pesto, etc… i am not having luck at all with the generalContinue reading “harvest list up for this week – august 6th”

next harvest list up – sunday august 5th

Hi all.   harvest dates will be tuesday and friday next week – the 7th and 10th. i will update the request/order  form on sunday by 2 pm for you to request.    lots of potatoes and basil.   !    i will add an extra line item for a large basil order if you want to haveContinue reading “next harvest list up – sunday august 5th”