january 2013

hope everyones new year is starting out well!

i have limited  greens and some carrots and herbs available.    pick what you would like and i will confirm back to you what i can harvest in case a lot of people suddenly ask for the same thing.  in general, you have a good chance of getting what you ask for.   : )    the plastic covers are working nicely now that i have dug them in a bit.   keep warm !


Published by sagesmicrofarm - at the burrow

- in our new home now. with land. and seeing what works and what doesn't and slowly adding organic matter to the soil. ---- This is the forum for my attempt to grow organic local food, that is harvested specifically because you want it. I let you know what i have, you tell me what you want and what day / time slot you'd like it delivered, and i bring it to you. It won't wait around all day, or overnight, and you can get the veggies when you want them, and pick out what you want from the various crops i'll be growing.

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  1. Christy, just checked out your website. How cool! This is the crazy lady you sat next to on the plane to San Diego about a week ago. Got my marine home safe and sound and didn’t freak out too bad on the flight home. Went on a trolley on the Old Town tour. Great fun. Just wanted to thank you for distracting me from the plane ride. It was great meeting you. Hope you have a bountiful harvest this year. Can’t wait for spring. Darcy

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