into winter

various greens and the regular herbs will be available as i can grow them through the season.   i will not be sending posts or emails as much as during the growing season, but please feel free to check in and request harvest through the request form.  i will be keeping that updated each week.    we’ll see how this winter goes!  i’m really happy and interested to see how this works out and whether to do more of it next year.   cheers all!  christy

into the winter

i will be trying to continue growing through the winter.  adding mini hoops, and have crops such as spinach and carrots established that hopefully will go through the winter….  we’ll see .  i am having a great time trying this all out.  as the soil continues to heal, seeing more and more life that hopefully will continue to increase productivity.

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storm sandy

 storm sandy

hello everyone. i  will be battening down the hatches at the farm today, and wait until after it passes to post the next harvest list.   likely will do harvest/delivery on thursday and sunday.   let me know if in the meantime you would like any sweet potatoes.  i have plenty stored at home, so those i can run these easily to most of you.

stay safe.   christy



october 20-28

hello all.  lots of sweet potatoes still available  – both orange and white flesh and some baby spinach coming in.   except for the basil the herbs are holding pretty steady.   check out the harvest form for all that is available.     there is a slight chance i may need to change a delivery if i am needed for timmy care, but pretty much all is a go for next week.   cheers. christy  


This weeks harvest list is up.  harvest days will be tuesday and sunday.  Welcoming in the sweet potatoes!  still lots of hot peppers.   also starting this week i will have some plant divisions and plugs /plants , if you want them for planting at your home.    (plus extra seeds i am collecting  for next spring planting)
hope your fall is going well!  christy

End of September

hi all !  harvesting and deliveries will resume after the first of october.  taking a small break this week, but will post the new harvest list on october 1.  it will most likely include the sweet potatoes i have been harvesting –  they need to ‘cure’ a bit to let the starches turn to sugar.    cheers.  christy

September 9

Harvest list is up  for this week.  Still a lot of peppers.   Lots of extra jalapeno and hungarian hot wax and small very hot takanotsume.    Harvest days are monday, tuesday, thursday and friday.  I have shifted delivery times to be in the evenings.    A couple of you i have other arrangements for, just put in the comment section what works for you.

Thanks everyone!  christy

september 6th

i added on sunday this week for an extra harvest day.

on saturday i’ll post any new veggies added to the list and add  monday and thursdays delivery dates.

still a lot of jalapenos and hungarian hot wax with soon many takanotsume peppers coming in . a very thin small red pepper   mainly used for drying and are a very hot  japanese pepper.