may 30th

feisty – snap peas have now grown into proper shelling peas.  nice and sweet. worth a little work to shell them

remember to compost the ‘shells’ and other discards from the produce – if you need help, i’m happy to help you start a compost pile .  it is very simple .  cheers


May 27 2012

May 27 , 2012


Summer seems to be here this week (in may.. who knew?) .  The heat and lack of rain has been hard on the plants, but they keep giving and giving!   I have enjoyed showing some of you around the land and hope you make it back again soon.

The spinach bolted, and is gone, but the peas are coming on strong, and the kales and collards are holding very well.   There may be a break in lettuce next week, but i have plenty this week.  i  am especially fond of the variety ‘tom thumb’  miniature green  butter lettuce.    it could be it’s own little salad presentation without ripping the leaves off.        hope you are all having a good holiday weekend and week.        see you at the farm       cheers, christy

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May 21 at the farm

May 21 2012 –   

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Happy mid spring everyone!   Lots and lots of heads of red lettuce.   if you want more than one large/ 2 small heads, just post in comments section of the request form.

On the critter front, the deer have been nibbling a little of the peas and lettuce, but i planted extra for them, and they are keeping out of the fenced area so its all good.    there is a burrowing critter inside the fenced area, but it looks like none of the plants are being affected so i’m happy to let him/her have their home.  The bees are happy in the clover and i have seen a few butterflys and a couple of dragonflys.

Please contact me to come visit the farm so i can get you started on your share if you haven’t already done so.     Repeat visits are welcome, just make sure to let me know a day or 2 in advance so i can plan.   cheers all!


MAY 15 – Restarting the web posts and deliveries for 2012 !

MAY 15 – Restarting the web posts and deliveries for 2012 !

Hello all!   Welcome back to another year of farming and veggies.    This last week i finished staking the tomatoes and putting in most of the peppers.  Lettuce heads (red – variety vulcan) , some radish, and spinach is now available.    As the farm is so much closer this year, i am having you all see the farm before you start receiving any produce so you can have a clearer view of what this years farming is all about.    Some photos to show you what has been going on.   This week i hope to start seeding beans, rice, and maybe start getting the cucumber seedlings in .   Thanks for all of your support this spring.    christy

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New Ground

New Ground

It has been coming up on about 2 months, and the farm is now in new ground.  The patuxent riverkeeper, Fred Tutman is allowing me to grow on some of his land in upper marlboro.  It has been grown in monoculture (corn and soybeans)  for many years, although i am told that no pesticides or herbicides have been used.  The earth is very tired from overtilling and monoculture.  I am working to grow a large diversity of plants and incorporate compost from home, and from weed compost i am creating at the farm.   Adding organic matter and allowing nature to reestablish i believe is critical for healing this land and ultimately creating yummy vegetables for you all.    Only a few things will be available through the end of fall.   Hopefully next season will bring more bounty for you all.   Thank you for your continued support and friendships.    christy

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july 16 – beautiful day

july 16 –  beautiful day

from today at the farm…. you can see the sun gold tomatoes and peppers that will be ready for harvest this week..  and instead of baby lettuce, will be small lettuce heads.. more heat tolerant.   the baby lettuce is not happy in the high humidity and severe heat…    have a great week everyone!

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Have a great 4th!

Everything is great out at the farm.   Chuck – the groundhog is munching away on some of the sweet potato vines, but he isn’t doing much damage so i’m letting him enjoy, and yesterday a bunny was inside the fenced garden, but hiding between the beans and brocolli, it was just nibbling on the clover in the path.

I misjudged how much lettuce to plant a few weeks ago, but more should be ready by next week.

Hope everyone has a great holiday this weekend!