update – last week of august

update – last week of august

Hello all.   Quite a couple of weeks.    The spraying in the field next door last week  appears to have stayed outside of my inner boundary.    Deer hunting has been started at the farm this last week.   there are several growers and the landowner that have the  say in what happens. i have taken the position that sage’s micro farm does NOT need any deer to be killed for my growing purposes, and not to do any hunting on my/sages micro farm’s account.

this week  i have a LOT  of jalapeno peppers and hungarian hot wax peppers as well as continued excess of basil.     thank you to everyone for your feedback on the black eyed peas.   i am sorry i got distracted tonight due to the deer situation and forgot to take photos of the peas.     photos of some things on the harvest list below…

also offering some sunflowers and flower bunches as they are also plentiful , so if you’d like something for your table, to to give to a neighbor or new teacher, etc..   please request on the form.    thanks for your continued support.


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harvest list up for this week – august 6th

harvest list up for this week – august 6th

hello all .   there are still lots of potatoes and lots of basil.   i added a box for a large order of basil if you wanted to use it for making a batch of pesto, etc…

i am not having luck at all with the general tomatoes.   the sun golds are holding out all right, and i will still divide whatever i harvest for all  tomatoes on harvest days between everyone asking for some of the respective kinds.

i had a fantastic time at the farm field day in pennsylvania on friday and hope to eventually incorporate  using a scythe .   the oat seeds i harvested last month and replanted have sprouted, so i am encouraged to follow on expanding growing various grains.

hope you are all well.  let me know if you would like to schedule a time to come see the farm and the butterflies… there aren’t as many as last week, but still a good amount.     cheers.  christy

next harvest list up – sunday august 5th

Hi all.   harvest dates will be tuesday and friday next week – the 7th and 10th. i will update the request/order  form on sunday by 2 pm for you to request.    lots of potatoes and basil.   !    i will add an extra line item for a large basil order if you want to have extra amounts for pesto, etc.    cheers.  christy

End of July –

Some photos from the farm and of some of the veggies picked for meals at home.    the past few days the rain has been very kind .    the next two weeks there will be lots of potatoes available.  the pinks (which were ‘reds’ but grew paler for me)  were by far the best producers.    

also. there have been so many butterflies!!!  out in the mornings and afternoons.  please contact me if you want to come out to see them one of these days.   they are incredible.

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JULY 6 2012

The heat continues, without rain.   I am continually amazed and grateful for how well these plants tolerate so much and continue to grow and give in this harsh soil in rough conditions.     The deer have feasted a bit on the tomatoes and some of the beans , peppers, and flowers.   Hopefully putting up some fishing line will help deter them from some of the areas.     Below is a photo from one of the harvest orders picked today.     Hope everyone is staying cool and well watered.

harvest order july 6 2012

Cheers.  christy

JUNE 17th

JUNE 17th

the greens are taking their time growing, so there is not so much lettuce this week, and i am letting the chard grow in size and leaving it off the harvest list this week.  . the kale and collards are going strong,    i am adding some baby onions and leeks to try to help round out some of the veggies available for you all.    tomatoes are forming , and peppers and cucumbers are starting to flower,  and the potatoes are still sizing up..  hopefully in a few more weeks there will be a lot more to enjoy.    cheers   . christy

June 5th 2012

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Wonderful rain and cloudy skies have kept the ground moist.  I have been planting bush and dry beans and some peanuts along with sesame seeds and getting more put in the buffer area including miniature pumpkins.

The deer are occasionally raiding the lettuce and sugar peas, but so far haven’t been too bad.    And there is a bunny i am calling emily in the fenced in section, but she hasn’t really been munching on anything that i can see.  maybe like last year with the other bunny she likes all of the clover in there.   thinking i need to plant some lettuce near her little burrow.   hopefully i’ll be able to get a photo one of these days.          cheers all !